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If you`re looking for a competent freight forwarder into Russia "AEFF" is the logical choice!

The “AEFF” company would like to offer you a full range of freight forwarding services all around the globe. We deliver all kinds of goods, full loaded trucks as well as partial goods consolidated at our warehouses in Germany, Lithuania, and Finland. In Turkey and China we have our forwarding agents which can pick up your goods in these countries too. We also deal with customs clearance of goods in the territory of Russian Federation.

The company was established in 2002 and since that time has proved itself to be a reliable partner and professional on the freight forwarding market of Russia. We provide combined container and general transportation of cargoes from all over the world and are specialized in delivery of full trucks as well as partial goods. We also can consult you which way of transportation is perfect for your kind of goods: by truck, railway, or air.

  • we deal with all kinds of goods including electronics (84-85 HS code groups) to the exception of perishable food products
  • calculate the cost of customs clearance of your goods for free
  • optimize and minimize the cost of customs clearance for your goods
  • offer you our trade contract for customs guaranteeing minimal prices
  • TIR Carnet, CMR, invoices and packing list issue at our agent’s office abroad
  • consolidate goods at our warehouses in Lithuania (Vilnius), Germany (Hanover), Finland (Kotka) to deliver them then into Russia within 7 – 10 day period
  • cargo insurance
  • pick up and deliver goods within Europe to our warehouses by our own special trucks
  • control and monitor shipments on their way to place of destination
  • provide certification, sanitary and hygienic control papers, and all other non tariff regulation papers for customs
  • convoy expensive goods from the boarder of Russia to the customs terminal with S.V.T.S convoy for safety
  • provide customs clearance in strict accordance with the laws of Russian Federation - after this procedure you get GTD – an official customs declaration
  • deliver goods on “door-to-door” basis
  • further delivery in Russia

For fast and fruitful cooperation all you need is to fill-in and send us an inquiry in which you must give us full information about your shipment (invoices, packing lists, additional description if needed, HS CODE if you have one, weights brutto–netto, dimensions-volume in cubic meters, country of origin, place of loading and place of discharge). Basically it takes us from 1 to 3 working days to calculate all costs.